map: “Laguna” packing plant
photos: “Laguna” packing plant
video: Process in our packing plant “Laguna”


Our packhouse “Laguna” is located in the City of Casma, in the heart of the valley where most of our mango orchards are situated. At Laguna, we process and pack mango and avocado throughout the harvest season, providing employment to up to 200 people in the region. The team is led by dedicated supervisors, each of them experienced and educated in their field. Since its opening, our packhouse Laguna has also become a meeting point for growers, and our year-round presence in Casma has led to strong relationships which are reflected in a grower-group led by Luna Verde’s field team.

Furthermore, Laguna has an automatic sorting- and selecting-line which grades the fruit by weight, shape, colour and skin-quality. The sorting-line is programmed to specifically select the fruit according to each customer’s requirements. Following sorting and selection, the fruit is packed and stacked carefully by hand before entering the cool stores. Finally, the transport by sea or air is coordinated by our export department, thanks to whose constant coordination with local and international authorities and transporters are able to dispatch the fruit within a maximum of 5 days after harvest.